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  • Your team (you + allies) will be matched with teams having the same number of players. Also the teams should have same region selection
  • If you are unable to find a match feel free to invite your friends. Ensure that the above criteria is met so that you can be matched with your friends
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Getting started
  • This menu covers all game concepts starting from basics to advanced
  • You can access this menu anytime by clicking on the question symbol on the top right
Main objective
  • Each player starts with a base unit
  • In order to win you need to take out the bases of other players on the map by using your military or any other means
  • If your base gets destroyed, you lose
Navigation and vision
  • Use the scroll bars, middle mouse or arrow keys to view parts of the map
  • Unexplored parts of the map show up as dark grey and explored parts not in view appear slightly dark
  • The minimap on the bottom left of the screen provides an overview of the entire map
  • The thin yellow frame on the minimap shows your location on the map
  • The minimap also shows terrain, points of interest and units
  • The minimap also notifies you of units under attack
  • Click on the minimap to navigate to that area
  • Units are objects on the map which can carry out actions eg:- your base
  • Units under your control have a green overlay. Enemy controlled units will be marked with aggressive colours such as red and allied units will be marked with colours such as blue
  • Most units will have a grey health meter at the bottom. If a unit loses all health it dies. Health is affected by enemy attacks or lack of resources
  • Units controlled by you and your allies can explore the map and provide intel
  • Clicking on the unit will select the unit and open up the unit detail menu
  • There are 3 main types of terrain in the game , and
  • units cannot move through
  • Ships and boats can only move on
  • Units except ships and boats can move on
  • Resources you own are shown at the top
  • Recruitment, building new structures, upgrades and upkeep cost resources
  • Resources are primarily produced by units stationed on suitable location eg:- farm on and lumber camp on
  • Resources can also be acquired by building resthouses on , trade and piligrimage structures
Train/Recruit units
  • Units such as your base, barracks etc can recruit or train units for you
  • Units available to recruit are shown on the unit detail menu
  • Recruiting units will cost you resources and time
  • Unit recruitment can be cancelled anytime by clicking on the cross symbol over the unit being recruited
  • Cancelling recruitment does not return back resources
Unit movement
  • Most non structural units can be ordered to rush to a location
  • Select a unit, move your mouse pointer to a location on the map and press R on the keyboard
  • Units ordered to rush will try their best to get to the destination
  • Most rushing units cannot engage the enemy on the move but some can
Building and expansion
  • Ox carts recruited from the base or forward bases let you build structures
  • Available structures appear on the unit detail menu of ox carts
  • Building structures cost resources and time
  • You can also cancel the construction midway but this wont return your resources
  • Access the home trade menu by clicking on the icon on the top right
  • Select the resource you wish to buy, sell and click on deal. Click and hold for bulk deals
  • The home trade exchange rates differ depending upon the faction chosen by the player
  • Resources can be sent to your team players through the icon on the top right. This appears only when you have a team player
  • trade can also happen through the unit detail menu of a trade post built on
  • Upgrades can enhance unit capabilities or unlock stuff
  • Some units have upgrades which show up on the upgrades section of unit detail menu
  • Upgrades consume time and resources
  • Unit upgrades can be done once for each unit eg:- Defensive wall for Farm, Lumber camps etc
  • Player level upgrades can only be done once per game eg:- Infantry upgrade from the base
  • Cancelling in progress upgrades do not return the resources
The military
  • Military training structures can be unlocked through upgrades from the base or forward base
  • Military is classified into infantry, cavalry, artillery, navy, covert and elephantry
  • Infantry is a versatile branch and is generally good against non structural units
  • The strength of cavalry lies in its speed and the ability to take the enemy by surprise
  • A good navy is a must to control the rivers and seas
  • Covert unit such as the spy leak enemy intel and help you gain an edge over the enemy
  • Elephants are slow but can absorb lot of damage and are deadly against all units
Attack command
  • Military units will guard the area they are stationed on by default
  • Attack command can be issued to most military units
  • Attack command can be used to target individual enemy units or it can also be used to advance the unit to a location
  • Units will try to follow their targets as best as they can
  • To target a specific unit select the unit, move mouse pointer on the target unit and press A
  • To advance a military unit select the military unit, move mouse pointer to any location and press A
  • Advancing units will try to destroy any enemy units on their way to the destination
Group control
  • Hold control and move your mouse on the map. Your units inside the bounding box will be selected
  • Commands can be issued to the selected group of units together
  • The selected units are grouped on the menu. By clicking on the grouping you can select all units of that type
Unit garrison
  • Most non structural units can garrison inside friendly structures. Garrisoned units cannot be attacked by the enemy until the structure is destroyed
  • Select a unit, move mouse pointer over a friendly structure and press G to garrison it
  • Structure with garrisoned unit appear like this
  • Access the garrisoned unit through the unit detail menu of the structure
  • Ungarrison the unit by clicking the ungarrison command
Unit specialities
  • Cavalry move fast and deal huge damage against unfortified, non structural units but fail against spearmen
  • Spearmen infantry can stop cavalry from dealing full damage
  • Direct fire artillery such as cannons deal huge damage against all types of units except entrenched ones
  • Mortar artillery has good range and attack but needs trial shots to lock onto target
  • Spies remain hidden from the enemy until spotted by an enemy spy
  • Units such as the cavalry archer and warships can shoot on the move
  • Pindari cavalry available to the marathas can only attack units which dont retaliate
  • Temples and mosques heal nearby friendly units
  • Miners can only attack structures and are good at it
Unit abilities
  • Scout and skirmisher infantry units can hide from enemy units and can only be discovered by other scouts and skirmishers or if the enemy gets too close
  • Cannon artillery units can fortify position which protects them from cavalry attacks and small arms fire. Use command from the unit detail menu
  • Mortar and musketeer units can entrench position which protects them from cavalry attacks and direct fire. Use command from the unit detail menu
Forward bases
  • Forward bases can be built by ox carts and help in expanding your territory
  • Forward bases can train ox carts and other units that your base can train
  • Unlike the base forward bases do not attack enemy units
Team play
  • You can broadcast messages and share current map location to team players using icon on the top right or by pressing Shift + C. This will show only if you have an ally
Select ally
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Selected Units
Recruit or train
Not enough resources
Not enough resources
Not enough resources
Press to disband unit
Press to cancel current command
Press to ungarrison unit
Press to fortify position
Press to exit fortification
Press to entrench unit
Press to exit entrenchment
Press R to rush or retreat units to mouse location
Press A to advance or target unit at mouse location
Press G to garrison unit at mouse location